MFL Home Course

Key Stage 3

Students starting at the the College in Year 7 in September 2011 are initially placed in mixed-ability groups. All students study French.  Each group has three lessons per week and French will remain the main modern language throughout years 7-9.  Each lesson lasts for one hour.  Students are placed into sets according to their ability after the first round of assessment tests.  Students are monitored through testing and teacher observations throughout the year to assess their progress and to check that they are being taught in the most appropriate set.  

Students in the top sets in year 8 study two languages. All students in these classes study Spanish alongside French (forms KLM) or German (forms RST). Students who do not study two languages will continue with their main language (French/German). These students will also follow the European Studies course, which aims to broaden and deepen their understanding of Europe and its member countries.

Students in year 9 continue with their main language and, depending on their group, their second language.

Students receive regular homework in their Modern Languages lessons. Students studying one language will receive one homework per week, whilst those studying two languages will receive one homework per language per week. Year 9 students who study two languages can expect weekly homework from their main language and fortnightly homework for their second language.  

Key Stage 4

Students studying Modern Languages at Key Stage Four follow the Edexcel course in their chosen language. Students who have opted for Spanish as an ab intio course will follow Listos 3. Students cover a range of topics through the four skill areas (listening, speaking, reading and writing) to allow them to develop their proficiency and confidence in their chosen foreign language. Speaking and writing are assessed through Controlled Assessment tasks, which take place throughout years 10 and 11. Listening and Reading are assessed through exam papers set by Edexcel. Further details on GCSE procedure can be found in the Learning Resources (support for year 11) section of the school website.

Here is a suggested private study plan designed to help students studying GCSE German. Homework will be set by class teachers in addition to these tasks. Students should spend 15 - 20 minutes on each task.