This category contains tests to help you secure, refresh and revise your knowledge of the Paper 1 course on Germany 1918-1945.

These quick quizzes are designed to help you work quickly out the strengths and weaknesses in your knowledge of the Germany course.

This course will look at how Germany emerged from defeat in the First World War, the foundation of the Weimar Republic, the economic and political impact of the Treaty of Versailles, the threats from the left and right that Weimar faced, the achievements of the so-called 'Golden Years' and the extent to which the Republic recovered in the period after 1923.

This course contains quizzes that will help you revise what the Nazi Party stood for in the 1920s, why they had little success before 1930, why Hitler became Chancellor in 1933 and how Hitler consolidated his power, 1933-34.

This course will focus on how the Nazis controlled Germany once they were in power, including both terror and propaganda, as well as opposition to the Nazis. It will also cover how and why the Nazis persecuted different groups in German society.

This course will test your knowledge about Nazi attitudes towards women and the family, Nazi policies in this area and how far they got what they wanted.