tycoonsThis unit covers: enterprise and the entrepreneur and business plans.  


This unit covers: enterprise and the entrepreneur, business plans, marketing, the marketing mix, and marketing in the wider business environment  

Controlled Assessment, Approximately 16 hours, 60 marks. 25% of the qualification


This unit covers: business ownership, trading organisations, growth, location, employment & retention, organisation and communication. 

Written paper, 1 hours - 60 marks. 25% of qualification.  Question paper - 2 short answer, data-response questions


This unit covers: production methods, costs and management, sources of finance, financial forecasting and analysis, the competitive environment, environmental influences, business ethics, the UK economy and globalisation.

Written paper, 1 hour, 30 minutes - 90 marks. 50% of the qualification. Question paper - 3 questions based on pre-released case study.